Finding Freedom Through Real Estate

At Zephyr Equity Group, our vision is to put 1000 health professionals and small business owners in the path of financial freedom by 2030 so you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of.  The goal is to help you use your earned income to buy assets that will produce passive income which you will then use to buy or pay for liabilities. We make this possible by offering quality real estate syndication investment opportunities.

Whether you have previously invested in real estate or a beginner real estate investor, we will walk you through every step of your first syndication investment, your first step towards financial freedom.


Have Your Hard Earned Money Work Hard For You


Real estate investments are crucial when building a strong portfolio. Because commercial multifamily real estate has a low correlation with the stock market, it remains relatively stable during times of economic turbulence.

Benefits to Passive Real Estate Investing

Lower Risk

Commercial multifamily real estate has a history of being resilient to economic turmoil and is a strong hedge against inflation as they do not lose but actually gain value over time. As a limited partner, you carry limited liability in terms of litigation and loans. You do not have to sign on a loan or expose yourself to any property level lawsuits.

Hassle Free

As a passive investor, you reap the benefits without ever having to deal with renovations, tenants, or problems like clogged toilets or water leaks.

Cash Flow and Equity

Strong quarterly distributions mean that you can use that money for expenses, pay off debt, or use it to reinvest in more properties. While you are receiving passive income, the property is also gaining equity through value add improvements forcing it's appreciation.

Tax Advantages

As a passive partner, you reap the unique real estate investor benefit of cost depreciation studies to maximize depreciation and reduce your tax liability. You not only get to collect passive income, you get to keep more income as well.

Our Simple Process

Request Invitation


Schedule a Call


Access Opportunities


Start Investing


....and you are on your way to building wealth!

Our Detailed Process

Step 1: Request an Invitation

Quality commercial real estate investments are in high demand and we want to be sure that we can allocate the time to give each investor the attention that he/she deserves. Request an invitation to join the Zephyr Equity Group Investor Community.

Step 2: Schedule a Call with Us

We want to get to know who you are and what your financial goals are on a 1 on 1 basis. We want to make sure that we are the right fit for your investing needs.

Step 3: Access Real Estate Opportunities

Once you joined the investor community, you will be the very first to know of any new exclusive investment opportunities. We will be here to answer any questions you have to help determine if the opportunities are aligned with your financial goals.

Step 4: Start Investing

We aim to take the work out of investing and make it as simple and easy as possible. We will walk you through every step of the way. watch the money you worked hard for work hard for you!

Though dependent on the specific investment opportunity, cash flow distributions are typically paid on a quarterly basis while the property appreciates in value concurrently. When the value add is completed and financial terms are favorable, most investment opportunities will undergo a cash out refinance where a portion (~50% or more) of the investors' capital is returned, non taxable. The managing team will continue to monitor the market to determine when would be the most advantageous time to sell the property, typically between years 3-7 after acquisition.

Take the First Step to Financial Freedom