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To help healthcare professionals and small business owners 
achieve financial security through passive commercial real estate investing. 

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Finding Freedom


We want to help you reach your financial goals so you can  enjoy the fruits of your labor and spend time with the ones you love.

Zephyr Equity Group was born on the idea of giving busy healthcare professionals and small business owners quality passive investment opportunities in multifamily real estate with minimal work required on their end. We understand that you have enough on your plate so as your partners, we do the work of sourcing the deal with experienced and trusted partners in thriving markets, underwriting the deals to make sure it is the right deal, acquiring financing, and managing the property while you enjoy the benefits of passive real estate investing.

We use multifamily real estate investment as a vehicle in helping you achieve your financial goals so you can live a life you design.


Our goal is to help you achieve your financial goals

by making your money work for you

Lower Risk

Multifamily assets are more resilient to economic turmoil than stocks, bonds, and other real estate properties.

Generate Passive Income

Multifamily properties generate a reliable, steady cash flow due to low fluctuations in rent that can help you pay daily expenses or save for retirement.

Minimal Time Investment

Enjoy the benefits of being a real estate investor, including tax breaks and asset appreciation, without the hassle of managing any tenants.

Why Passively Invest in Multifamily Real Estate?

Multifamily assets are a perfect choice for first time investors and also for the seasoned investor who likes stability as multifamily properties are more resilient to economic downturns than other real estate investments.  Investing in multifamily real estate as a passive investor is a perfect way for busy professionals to diversify a portfolio and generate and grow passive income. 

Our Approach

We believe in the power of relationships. Zephyr Equity work with trusted and experienced partners in growing and thriving markets all over the country. We vigorously vet every single investment opportunity, along with the operators, to make sure we are presenting you with the best investment opportunities. 

We believe in matching each individual investor with the right property for them in order for them to reach their financial goals. 

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