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Start Earning Passive Income Through
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The Time to Invest is Now...

Put your money to work for you. With ZEG as your partners, you invest in multifamily apartments in growing markets that are well managed and 


Multifamily assets are a perfect choice for first time investors and also for the seasoned investor who likes stability as multifamily properties are more resilient to economic downturns than other real estate investments. 


Well ran multifamily properties generate a steady cash flow due to predictability of rental income from multiple units.


The ability to scale your portfolio is easier with multifamily investing as you can add many units at a time. You can also diversify within this asset class with options like new builds and student housing.


Multifamily investing comes with attractive tax benefits including depreciation and cost segregation.







Our Story

Zephyr Equity Group specializes in value add multifamily properties in thriving, stable markets across the country that have strong returns for our investors. We partner with experienced team members with years of expertise and extensive knowledge of the local market to ensure that we are maximizing the value of the asset.

The Cornerstones of Zephyr Equity Group

200 plus units, $20 MIL Assets under management, 8 properties

We Keep No Secrets

We understand that trust is earned and strive to keep things transparent for those who put their trust in us.

We Do What We Say

When we say we will do something, you can be certain it will get done. We commit fully to our word.

We Aim to Provide Value

We give freely and do not concern ourselves with how much or what we can get in return here at Zephyr Equity Group.

We Believe in Excellence in Service

How you do something is how you do everything. We aim for an elevated level of care in all that we do. 

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Investing in real estate as a passive investor is a great way to diversify a portfolio and profit as investors seek to grow long-term wealth. One can choose to invest in retail, industrial, single-family homes, or my area of expertise, multifamily real estate. As with any investment, your risk tolerance and goals should be defined first. 

Apartments Provide Steady Cash Flow

Rental properties provide steady cash flow as rents are collected every month, and leases generally are for a year. Unlike the unpredictable stock market that only pays cash when the stock provides dividends, an apartment complex can provide consistent cash flow to an investor.

Huge Tax Benefits 

Investing in real estate is unique from a tax perspective. When you can claim real estate investor status as defined by the IRS, there are several ways you will benefit. For example, investors have access to no limit mortgage interest deductions and depreciation accelerations that can counter a portion of the cash flow profit. 

Get a Portfolio In a Day

By buying a multifamily real estate investment you can jump from owning nothing to many homes in a day. Many rents can be collected and provide a steady cash flow quickly. Also, you attain a cost-benefit in labor and per-unit cost savings with your units in one location.

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