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Learning About Real Estate Syndication

Real estate syndication is an effective method used by investors to pool their capital to invest in larger properties and projects compared to doing investing individually. This is a structure that provides a passive investment while the fund operator handles the management aspects and daily duties of the project.

The Effects of COVID-19 On Major Real Estate Asset Classes

The concerns surrounding COVID-19 continues to increase and with that, people continue to find the right information, both regarding the global effect of the virus and their own physical and economic well-being. If you are interested in reading about an update on the real estate space and how the major asset classes will perform in the coming weeks/months, then this article is for you.

Why invest in Multifamily Properties?

Anyone who is interested in buying rental property will certainly want to take a hard look at multifamily investments. The asset class is one that investors can begin investing in gradually, with just two or four units at a time. Some may even employ the strategy of owner-occupying the property initially, as a way of truly “living” the property management lifestyle before investing in larger multifamily properties.